Thursday, September 30, 2004

Here are two faces of the future of America and the free world. Here and here. Who do you think will be more beneficial to the world?

When this came out lots of troops were rolling their eyes. All the soldiers felt this was a noble cause and with good intentions (Sept 29), but in reality it would be used selectively. Others felt since we are at war does not the Criminal Investigation Division have more important thing to look at? Not many troops are going to put Amsterdam as a destination on their leave slips any more.

Now the Germans really love us now.

When I was in uniform last week I would watch CNN or BBC world news, then check out the G-2 (intel) reports and it looks like there was two different Iraqs. One was where the hell was returning and the other where life is trying to getting back to normal. Now the word is getting out.
Update: Wretchard has more information. More from Chrenkoff.
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