Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It has been an interesting past two days. I flew to Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday and drove down to Heidelberg where my unit is at. There was a conference going on and it was interesting and everybody was in a good mood. A few there were cracking jokes, but then there was phone call from a unit down range in the box. A somber air came over the room. A few points from experience were relayed to units that are preparing to go down range. Get M-4 carbines for all troops. M-16s are hard to shoot when in a vehicle. Get all secure radios that you can lay your hands on. OPFOR don’t like slugging it out with infantry or armor units, so they go after service support (transportation, ordinance, ect..) troops-they are bearing the brunt of the conflict. One thing is that that struck me was that he was upbeat and he said whatever we heard on TV, we are putting a case of hurt on the enemy.

Then I received SIX immunization shots for all kinds of nasty bugs. Now I will start the anthrax series soon. That put a little damper my weight lifting routine. I also made a power of attorney letter for my wife and reviewed my will with the JAG.

Today I received dental examination and cleaning of my teeth and picked up an Army, Field Artillery, support your troops stickers for a friend back in the states. While waiting for my teeth to be cleaned a family was in line with their eight month old daughter. Looking at that cute baby made me miss my daughters. When the lady who was running the reception room at the dental clinic saw on my paperwork that I will be mobilized, she put me at head of the line. That was nice and people in the room wished me good luck when I headed to the dentist.

Tomorrow is personnel paperwork review. I will make sure my pay is squared away; life insurance will be bumped up, and ensure that clearances are up to date.

I was watching German TV last night and it is funny to watch and listen Whoppie Goldberg speak German. It is just not right. Also I saw some rapper on TV. He had bling, bling all over him, the baggy pants and baseball cap on sideways, but when I was listeneing to him, I thought he had rocks in mouth. Then I realized he was rapping in German. His lyrics were pretty racy and little German girls were squealing in joy.

While driving back to barracks I saw some kid ride one of these. They look pretty cool to me.

My German is not that good and I was trying to follow the news on Deustche Welle, but this does not bode well for politics in Germany.

Are we going to start fighting like ants and bees? More here.

I scored in the 70s so I am par with the world’s best.

My new toy,but this would be better or fired the same round.

One piece crap from Germany that I can do with out.
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