Saturday, September 25, 2004

Thank god that the ‘60s are finally coming to an end

Over at the Braden files there is analysis from Stafford titled “The U.S. Election and the International System.” My experience living in England pretty well validates the thesis of this post.

Can masks makers forcast the future and election? Their past record is more accurate than the professional pollisters.

This bumper sticker asks a question that every American has to answer before they vote.

Planning for future operations for the US Army will be different than in the past while lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan are being digested. The Army is just not physically just pulling out of Europe, but also a new mind set is being cast. The battle for the Fuda Gap is history. Many soldiers are learning how to become fluent in Arabic and other languages of the region. The culture and traditions are becoming common knowledge throughout the force. You could say we are becoming “Arabsized” while waiting for next action. Tactics, techniques and procedures are being adjusted for operations for the region. This is the real transformation of the Army.

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