Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Birmingham Airport is bigger than Nottingham East Midlands Airport and has more flights with regular airlines than charter or tourist flights. BA goes to the US and with Lufthansa covers more of Europe. It has the low cost airlines of Ryannair and BMI. It does have train service just like Munich or Frankfurt and it also have bus service. Birmingham is easy to get around with two medium sized terminals. Also it is easy to get to right off the M-6 motorway, via the M-42. I like Birmingham Airport for its ease of access and the destinations is available from it.

God Bless him. I love Rodney, his movies and act. I think everybody can relate to some of his jokes. Rodney, you get my respect.

This can not be true! It is just rumors.

The military is working in ways and judging success that is new and different than the public understand. Here is an example.
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