Monday, October 11, 2004

I am trying to do a few more family outings before we return to America and then deploy. We were in Nottingham city a few days ago and we saw this three wheel car in the car park. It is a Reliant Rialto. Wifey thinks it is a funny little car but I wonder about the safety of it and can you take it on the motorway?

The CIA report on Iraq’s weapons program is out for public consumption. It is interesting and will not disappoint anybody. Also it will be twisted around by all parties to support their own views. Don’t read the media’s summary; do it yourself.

Gatwick Airport. If you destination is north of London, avoid going to Gatwick. It is south of London, so if you are traveling to the north or have make a connection at Heathrow; going to Gatwick is not a smart move. It has lots of parking, but it has realistically only one access road off the motorway. The international terminal has lots of duty free shopping. It has an underground connection and bus. It can be a bit congested during peak times and to get it from the north you will have to use the London Orbital (M-25 ring road)or the biggest parking lot in Great Britain.

Guess who wants Kerry to be elected?
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