Sunday, October 03, 2004

One of the advantages of my civilian job is that I drive around a bit. Last week I drove from Nottingham to Manchester and on the return I drove from Manchester on the A616 across the Peak District to Sheffield. On the trip home I stopped in Hollingworth, Cheshire.

While waiting for a farm tractor to turn, I was stuck in traffic going up a hill. Sitting in my car I saw a green box on a poll that I though it was a traffic camera. Then I saw if flash come out of it like strobe light. I was trying to figure out what was it doing when I saw a car speed down hill past it and it dawned on me that it was a radar gun-traffic camera combination that was ticketing speeders. Then I crested the hill and a big sign with speeding camera symbol and 30 mph limit facing me. I started to grind the breaks to avoid a ticket. What was sneaky was that most speeding cameras in England in boxes and are painted yellow to give warning to drivers. These cameras were painted green to blend in. Oh well that is big brother for you.

Right after that I stopped at the Gun Inn for lunch. It is a nice traditional pub that looked to me that I was stepping back in time or into somebody’s house. There were a few Old Age Pensioners debating the merits of new vs. classic cars. The couple next to me was eating lunch and told me that they had a pint at the Gunn Inn during WW2 and their Parents and Grandparents used to frequent the establishment too. It was interesting to listen to them describe the history to the village and their families. That is one of the small and nice memories that I will take from England.

There is an image of the area off the A628.

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