Friday, October 01, 2004

While I was in Germany last week, I was running around getting ready to go down range. One of the places I went to was CIF or Central Issue Facility. At CIF I was issued 1800 dollars of basic issue items or equipment that every soldier will need. It is like going to REI, EMS or your local army surplus store but everything is in camouflage, olive drab green or tan. It took me an hour to get everything sized correctly and in the grand tradition of the army I signed a computer print out receipt that list every item and basically said I am responsible and liable for the items. If I loose or break any items I will pay for it. This is what 1800 dollars of army equipmet (sleeping bag, Gortex rain suits, extra cold weather boots, sleeping mat, gloves.....) looks like:

You know when you are in the Army when you are issued a bullet proof vest in camouflage. (This is how it works.)

This will be home sweet home for the next month or two while I am preparing to go down range. I will have another locker for personal items. Don’t worry I put all my equipment in the orderly fashion, when I get a few more items for South West Asia.

Maybe one of these boys may join MLB. If they do thank the Army.
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