Thursday, July 31, 2003

I wish I had a teacher at my old school do this! Sensitive Skin performances!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Another reason I will behave myself at a Notts County football game.
Why crime in Britian is going up?
Newspapers: When I first moved Nottingham, people used to ask me what newspaper do you read? I used to say USA Today, the Boston Globe or the Hudson-Litchfield News in the US. Then I told them that I picked up a few different papers (Times, Guardian, Independent, and Telegraph), so I could get a diverse views on subjects. They all laughed when I said that. I did not realize that the newspaper you read gives away your political party affiliation way in England. While flying to Frankfurt, Germany, a German gentleman told me that the tabloids are for those who don’t read, and the broad sheets are to confirm your political and world view. He was correct. At first I picked up the Sun and it looked like a cheap version of Maxim or FHM with the latest weather and sports. I figure they would have a point/counterpoint editorial section as USA Today has, but what was passed as news, was biased opinion. I find the Economist and Financial Times the best sources of news.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Crime: He is free. Personally I think the Queen should give this guy a medal and this dirt bag is going to sue?
Norton: I travel around the Midlands for work and I was in Shenstone for the day. Right across from the vendor, was Norton Motorcycle Company. I had a quick tour of what is left of Norton. The lone employee was very gracious and informative. He told me how some lucky chap won the National Lottery, who was a Norton Motorcycle fan. He then purchased Norton and started to get the company back on solid footing, when he was stricken by cancer and died suddenly at a young age. When he died, the company did not have its paperwork all in order, so now it is in the court system trying to figure out who will own the company. A sad ending for a another British motorcycle company.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Sorry for not writing for the past two weeks, I was on the road to Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne and points in between. This past Sunday, I took Pumpkin Girl and Mummy to see Thomas the tank Engine at the Churnet Valley Railway. It was enjoyable day for all. For nine pounds you get to see Thomas, Sir Topham Hat, a seven-mile ride on a coal fire steam train and a ride on a British Railway railcar. We were lucky to get to ride in the first class car. Also there were a small fair with rides for children, a bouncy castle, and face painting. All had a good time.

While on the road, I spoke with some great people and saw some interesting things. I will be writing about them soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

On BBC2 at 8:00 pm Sunday one of my favorite shows "Top Gear" starts. It is a “blokes” show, you know? How often will you be able to test drive Mclaren F-1 at 180 mph? Jeremy Clarkson knows how bust Americans chops when he states “Yanks will like the Segway, because they will not have to walk to the refrigerator.” James May did a great profile of future of the automobile and it is even a GM product. You can even vote for the best car ever. I voted for the Ford Mustang.

The other show I like is "How clean is your house?" It makes me feel that my wife and I are doing quite well, when it comes to keep in our house clean. Some of those rat infested, stink holes are beyond me. How can any human being in the 21st century from a first world country live in such a dirty house? And raise children in those dirt pits?!

Friday, July 11, 2003

I will be writing as this blog as an ex-pat American living and working in Nottingham, England. My family and I arrived about three months ago and we are finally settling in. Tomorrow we will be taking the bus into the city center to purchase some gifts and see the sites.

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