Saturday, July 31, 2004

Some people will wonder about this, but for the Russians this is a great opportunity for them. They might be able to rehabilitate their reputation after their actions in Chechnya. This coupled with the sorry state of the Russian Army, this will be a boost. The Russian Army did peace keeping duties in the Balkans and there were no real debacles. This will be interesting since Russia is broke and we will have to pay for them to show up and provide logistical support. The Russian Army is not designed for peace keeping or extended duties outside of former Soviet Union.

One bonus for the Russians is that they will learn how to work with a first rate military power with all the high-tech toys that they dream about. The Russian military has lots of equipment, but it most of it is one generation behind (more here) its western counterparts and the quality has something to desire. If they show up for peacekeeping actions, this will have American and Russian troops working together to coordinate operations and intelligence and we might learn something from them. One thing I know, the Russians will be making a lot trips to the PX.

You used to see them in America, but not anymore. Fiat was one of the sporty cars that were on the roads of America, but no more. They make in-expensive cars, but not for the US. Why I don’t know. I rode in a Punto a while back it was nice and the Barrchetta looks quite good. I wonder about the quality of the cars compared to the Japanese, I figure that Fiats are no better than American built cars, but against the Japanese they will have their hands full.

There have been a series of burglaries in our neighborhood recently and someone mentioned if you have a nice car like a Mercedes or BMW, you have a good chance of your house being burglarized. I think we will be off the list with our ten year old car.

Update Forest was not relegated! On a recent post about football in Nottingham I wrote that Nottingham Forest was relegated to the second division of football. I am man enough to admit I was wrong. I hope they can make it to the Premiership this up coming season.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Over at the Edge of England’s Sword, there is a good analysis of what is going on or not going on with the conservative party or Tories. People in America comment that Blair is in trouble and expect somebody out of the opposition to challenge him in the next general election, to that I say that the Tories are not well organized at the national level and the only opposition that Blair faces is from with in his own party. He is a good speaker and has the party machine disciplined to walk his line.

I like Ozzy, he is like your slightly crazy uncle. So when I read about Ozzy visiting wounded troops, knew that he has a good heart and a bunch of new fans.

BBC Nottingham has put out a test that every lad, bloke or guy would like? Can you guess what size she is?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I have seen a few of Satan’s spawn walking around Nottingham. Are you wondering how I can spot them? They are all wearing New York Yankee baseball caps. I think Manchester United Football and the Yankees have a deal to sell each others kit and this has spread the dreaded sign of the Anti-Christ.

While in America a few people asked me what is Tony Blair like and how is he doing. Here is a balanced analysis of his tenure.

Transforming the army.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The European Space Agency has found 'rogue' waves and they look nasty!

Over at SGT. Stryker there is a great essay on what is going on with America. and it has a great line:

Three years into this current war, we've invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. We've created a new Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security. We created a "Transportation Security Administration". The nation and the government, however, are still on a peacetime footing. No sacrifice has been asked of the general populace. People are apparently still scared to fly and have no faith in the security apparatus meant to protect them. A sizeable portion of the public honestly believes that we're not at war. Three years into this thing and we're about as screwed-up a nation as we can be. If you want someone to blame for the state of things, then each of you needs to take a long, hard look into the mirror.

P wrote a nice letter to me:
… It just so happens that my wife is from just down the A-52 from you in Derby. We're both big DCFC fans, so I'm hoping you support Notts
County instead of F****t ;o)…..

Well P I hate to say my co-workers have made me into a Forrest fan. As they say, County must have been founded by Martians, because there is no atmosphere at County games. Sine P is a Derby supporter and I know must have couple a few points in his eyes, because of my loyalty to Forest. I know Derby fans are very loyal, since I saw the results of the last Forest-Derby game. It was hard to listen to that game on the radio, since my co-workers advised me not to go in person to watch the game. I said I saw a Red Sox-Yankees game, but they countered that was nothing and I would need to watch the game from the safety of a tank. They were right since there were a bit of a “bust up” with supporters and police.

This is my opinion and opinions are like noses, but I think sports teams show how a community is doing economically. Once members of a community have enough money to pay for the basics of life, they can spend excess monies on leisure items or entertainment. Sport is one of them and here in England the biggest sport is football or as us lowly colonist would say soccer. Nottingham has two football teams, Forest nd County and both teams has colorful and successful past, but times are changing and new ways to spend discretionary funds that are competing against football. This has had an impact on Forest and County, because both teams have fallen so low in their respective divisions that they have been relegated to the next lower level. So Forest is in Division two and County will be battling Mansfield in Division three. I do not think county will be relegated out of football to division four;) but their financial problems may come back to haunt them. This might necessitate Forrest and County to be merged into a Nottingham United. I mention this idea to a few local supporters and they say it sounds logical, but the supporters of both teams would be against it since there is lots of animosity between them.

So I may watch a Derby-Nottingham Forest game with P some day at a pub, tip a pint or two and have a good time.

Business news of football.
Analysis of football in America.

Read the rest.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Cut a deal for single mothers to pay a lower TV tax in Britain?

Are cool cities cool?

The USS Neverdock shows how low the BBC will go. If an American news outlet did this with a foreign leader all hell would break loose.

Is this going to be an issue of contention between the US and the EU?

Good analysis of if Taiwan declares independence.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Read why gas in the UK is so high.

China is going for zero population growth. I think this going to be interesting and the methods they use will raise some eyebrows. More news on China and the rest of Asia.

I was in the US for the past three weeks and the “we hate Bush” message was being put out by the media, but it was getting dull after a while. Kerry was getting most of the positive headlines, but the only question I have is where does he stand on the war on terror? I think it is answered here. All I want in the president is his first priority is to destroy al Queada. That is it. All other issues will take care of themselves. The President is sworn to defend the constitution and the greatest threat to it is Osama and his crew.

Here is a good article about other security “walls” that going up around the world and how they work.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

A close look at the Washington Post for bias.

The kids are all right.
More here.

A possible explanation of drunkenness in Britain?

Did you have to memorize poetry as a child? I did and it was fun, even if my teachers detested Frank Zappa.

A profile of the insurgency in Iraq.

I have to been to a few airports over the past year and I am going to post of some of my views of them. The first airport is the one I have used the most this past year and the closest to my house. It is Nottingham East Midlands Airport. It is a small to medium sized airport with the two biggest airlines flying in is BMI Baby and Ryanair. It just went through an upgrade of facilities and one of the nicest parts is that it gives you free parking for the first 15 minutes. That might not sound like much, but if you are going to pick somebody up, their fight is on time, you can time it right, you will not have to pay the usual two pound or 3.5 pound fee. It is an easy airport to get to; about two miles off the M-1 motorway and the parking is good for the size of the airport. BMI and Ryanair cover the resort destinations and most big cites, except Frankfurt to my dismay.Over all it is a good airport.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Here is a screen shot of IEDs that used against the US in Iraq.

Do you really want to know how America feels? Check out this survey of consumers.  Use the public log on, it is easy to do. I know it might be boring to read an academic study, but it is better to read it yourself than have somebody else interpret it and screw up the analysis.

What would you do if you were the President, including the last scenario?

I have two daughters that I refer to Pumpkin Girl and Sweat Pea. Sweet Pea was born back in March and Wifey did not think it would not be wise if I gave her the nickname of Elvis, because she had a wild mane of hair when she was born. Sweet Pea just had her first hair cut two weeks ago for her uncle’s wedding. She is a beautiful child, who is slowly learning how to sleep in her crib.

Pumpkin is turning three in a few weeks and is sometime too smart for her age. I have bad habit of swearing sometimes and when I get frustrated I will say an emphatic adjective. You know the four letter word type. Now, guess what she says when she is frustrated? Yep, she can curse with best of the Airborne Corps. Now I am trying to raise her to be a polite lady and she is, but how do you tell a child not to swear or use a certain word with out saying it yourself?

Also I am trying to teach Pumpkin not to be a bimbo, but she LOVES Barbie dolls. I can handle that, better to like Barbie than the Bratz series of dolls. I am trying to teach a little science to her. Simple stuff like the principles of the stars, clouds, sun, moon and other basic tenants of science. Earlier this week I told her about the building block of matter-atoms. I told her “What is everything is made of? Atoms.” We did this while walking to the store earlier this week. She was answering the questing in a rote fashion. When we got home, I thought I would be the proud father and demonstrate her new mastery of physics to Wifey. I asked Pumpkin the basic physics question and her answer was-Barbies. Oh well, time to get back to the basics

A some what important date just passed me by. It was the first birthday of this blog on the 11 of July! This blog started out as to tell tales of living in Nottingham, but now I post what ever comes to mind. I like to say thank you to all those who dropped in to read this little blog. Cheers!


Deer walking around Wollaton Park.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Are we getting dumber over time?

I personally think this up coming elections is going to be weird as HS Thompson would say.

 Here is the Investors Business Daily looks at bias in the press.

More biased press coverage from the Wall Street Journal.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Here is a blog about developments in technology.
Here is the Hard Rock café in Nottingham.
Over at the Braden File former John Leman, Secretary of the Navy, has put out a good article about what America faces.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Are you a movie junkie? Here is your blog
Why Americans hate America?
Stephen Den Beste has a good article about WMD, Iraq and whiners. Go read it.

Monday, July 19, 2004

             While in America I rented a car and two SUVs from Budget. If you are going to rent a vehicle from Budget don’t expect to do it fast, you are going to wait in line 45 minutes to an hour if you are in Boston or at Los Angles Airport. The car we got in Boston smelled of cigars that even a cheap air freshener could not cover up.
            In LA we rented a Ford Expedition for a good price. I thought I was back in England when I filled the tank up and saw the price. It was a roomy vehicle and fun to drive; but not fast. Wifey performed ground guide duty to help me back up into tight parking spots.          
           Back in Boston for third leg of trip, we were supposed to get a full sized car, but Budget ran out so they gave us an up-grade of a Ford Escape SUV. Basically it was a four wheel drive, mid-sized car with out the trunk. It was a tad too small for me and my family.
How the Russians screwed up in Chechnya, and how we won in an urban battle and crushed a rebellion in Iraq.
Are we safer now?
Are some guys saying to hell with it and not getting married? Here is the original report. I know a few friends who will never get married and after reading this I understand their logic.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

The center of Nottingham.
Here is a great article about the transformation of the US Military under G.W. Bush. There is some honest criticism and questions that should be asked.
Maybe we will not need the draft. The rich are serving.
Operations research is one of those esoteric areas that touch everybody, because of cheap computing power.
Another reason to love the French.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

            It good to get back to the US to see my brother get married, meet my new family, see old friends, and go shopping in the US. The wedding was great because: my brother married a good woman and since her family is from Columbia and Jordan, the wedding was a combination of Salsa music, belly dancer, and the Marina Del Rey Yacht Club. A total American affair.
            Also we stocked up on children’s clothing and other items that are half the price in the US versus English prices.
            One good part of the trip was flying on Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They are great. Every seat has a flat screen that lets you pick from 20+ movies with a channel with childrens television shows. My three year old daughter loved it! You can pause a movie, take your kid to the toilet, then hit play!
            When we were standing in line at Boston Logan Airport, they ushered us to the head of the line, since we had two young children and checked us on to the flight with a minimum of fuss with a smile.  Then when it was time to board on the airplane they lead all the families with young children separately before the rest of the passengers. Last, Virgin gave my three year old daughter a nice back pack filled with goodies!
           One surprising event was  Her Majesty’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate. They spotted us at the end of the line and whisked us to the next open official and in- processed us in a speedy and courteous fashion. It pays to travel with two cute girls!
Unbiased press? Here is a list of donations made by writers and members of the press to presidential candidates. I wonder if this influences their writings. More press bias out of Baghdad. The press is sticking words in the President’s mouth now.  How the British press slant the news on Israel.
Where the action is heading.

With reservists being activated here is the inside scoop.

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