Tuesday, August 31, 2004

This is a great web site that has business news that you the consumer can use, because it cover products and services that you use everyday. It cover a lot of subjects asbeer, CDs, telephones, music, books and Barnes and Noble. This gives me incentive to use the library more, go to local plays, brew my own beer and start hiking more.

The gates of Hell are getting rattled or guess who is hot and not.
Here are more details of the evil empire collapsing.

Friday, August 27, 2004

For the next two weeks blogging will next to nothing, due to other comittments.

I read all kinds of charges and counter charges of John Kerry and I really don’t give a crap, but you can actually read what he wrote about his experiences right here. It is not pretty at all.

From the Australian Famous Television Writer’s School: Australian Television Drama for Beginners. Yes! Now you can write your own gripping Australian TV drama in 10 easy lessons. Just read on. It's easy!

Ian McFadyen writes: G.Y.M. The Phenomenon of Global Youth Marketing.

Are the Arabs racists? Maybe the situation in Darfur will opens some eyes.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

How did China win so many medals at the Olympics? Well the Communist Party owns the athletes.

Holy $h!t!

The economics and business of the movie industry is more interesting than movies themselves.

Micheal Barone has a good interview about the future of America his views on the soft and hard America and assimilation of the new Latin immigrants are interesting.

Some things never change; communication systems in the military is sometimes screwed up.

Back in April, I said Poland may become a target of al Queda. Guess who just got arrested and who do you think he works for?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Read about the combination of punk rock and sport. It is prety good. I was a snowboard instructor and I picked up on some new school punk from the younger instructors.

Can you live with out modern technology? I think I could but it would be hard.

Do you think you are a stud? Do you think you run, parachute jump, complete a military skills test and handle lots of stress? See if you can do this and other events for 60 hours none stop-with no sleep in the summer sun of Fort Benning, Georgia. C'mon you stinkin' puke magot!

This article is spot on about religion and Britain. About a third of the time, my oldest daughter is the only student in her Sunday school class and youngest daughter’s baptism was one of the few that were conducted during a regular Sunday service. Most of the few baptisms that are conducted are on Saturday or Sunday afternoons to satisfy the Grandparents. I think Sunday school is an import part of imparting Christian values early in the life of my children before modern society rears its ugly head.

Lance won the tour and can he do it again? Also how does he rate with the other great racers of history?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This is pretty sad. And this is too.

Can the Red Sox catch the Yankees in the AL East? Also Fenway Park bans “Yankees Sucks” t-shirt.

Who would ever think that Ben Stein, the Hollywood guy, is a big fan of the military? More here.

Do you want to know what it is like to be a troop in Iraq? Go play the game.

Adopt a sniper. They can use your help.

I will be flying back to England later today. Tschüß, bis bald.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

New armor for vehicle and troops are on the way. I like the spray on armor.

James Dunnagan at the Strategy page writes a short and clear article about what is going on in Iraq that is should be printed in the major newspapers. Also it has a paragraph about the army using historical studies of the Malay uprising as a model to follow.

This is a good post that gives an insight on Spain, America and other European countries concerning legitimacy of the government, religion and other topics.

The financial markets have upgraded their communication and back up systems to resemble the military. It makes sense after 9/11.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

This is one weapon that al Queda might be willing to use.

Would the use of MRI and Prozac eliminate aggressive interrogation methods?
It will be a while before military use these methods; I figure the civilian police will have easier access to MRI machines than the military in the field. Maybe these techniques will spur the development of cheaper and portable MRI machines.

This is an interesting article that shows how al Queda uses the internet to promote their cause and recruit by spreading rumors, using video of beheadings to rally the faithful, fund raising, and command and control of operations.

Friday, August 20, 2004

This happened in my hometown in New Hampshire and my neighbors in England would like to see more of this being done for them:
On August 3 at 3:00 a.m. the Hudson Police Department responded to 87 A Pelham Road for a burglary, which had just occurred.
Upon the officers arriving they determined that the suspect(s) had broken into a breezeway and stolen alcohol. The suspect(s) then forced open a window to the house and stole a pocketbook, which contained an undisclosed amount of money, as well as other personal belongings…..
The Hudson Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit took over the investigation and began following up several leads. After a weeklong investigation Detective Mike Niven and Detective Doug Dubuque identified two suspects who are allegedly responsible for the burglaries. The suspects are Hudson Juveniles and each will be charged with one count of Burglary via Juvenile Petitions

There are many burglaries in Nottingham, and a few are solved. (More here)

Most of the time the police will only show up hours after it happened to process a statement. If you try to stop one, you may be going to jail, like this senior citizen.

Is America an empire? Not according to Tobias Harris author of Dread or Envy? Debating Pax Americana. We just are just too nice and busy doing our own thing to be bothered worrying about others.

Here is the last post from me about moving troops out of Europe. Ralph Peters tells about his past experiences and what it means to the troops and the US taxpayer.

How a multicultural dream went sour or living in council housing sucks.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

The other night I went out to the town of Schwetzingen for dinner to get a break from the US Army mess hall.
(official site in German and translated into English) and a few things came to mind:

This place is clean. It is a lot cleaner than England. There was hardly any trash or litter on the ground.

Walking around after dinner, I noticed that there are many Optical Shops. Are Germans eyesight failing as they enter there senior age? Or there are just more seniors now?

Jewelry and watch shops leave their inventory in window overnight. I know in England and parts of America that would never happen, windows would be smashed and display items would be gone.

The police or Polizei is all over the place. I seen them driving around and walking the streets. I do feel safe in the center of town.

German teenagers now flirt while eating ice cream and sending text messages to each other. All I heard while eating ice cream was seniors debating the Olympics and teenager giggling while passing mobile phones around.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This article from Janes show that a water shortage might pull the carpet out from under the fantastic growth of China’s economy. Actually many countries face this problem and this might be a reason for future conflicts.

More German reaction from Bush’s decsision on pulling troops out. They actually like us, but then there is always the money angle. More here. History has showed that most communities have come out in better shape when the military leaves, so the Germans and Koreans should not worry, there will be lots of prime real estate to develop.

Would you volunteer to be a soldier at the age of 14? Here is a profile of US soldier who started out in the Bosnian army to defend his village and family from the Serbs, then joined the US Army after immigrating to the US.

Here is an interview of an Iraqi about America forces invading. The Iraqi makes a strong arugement for the US.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A few people are having a field day or crapping their pants about this. Many of us were saying this was going to happen someday. Who is going to invade Germany? Liechtenstein? This was inevitable for many reasons, but mainly money and time. It is better to spend millions in the US than in a country that mixed feeling about the US presence. Some feel that the US will move to former Soviet military bases in the old Warsaw Pack countries, but I doubt it. It will cost a lot of money to get those faculties up to US Military standards. (more here) Some of the former Warsaw Pack bases with large training areas may get small American facility maintenance and liaison contingent to give us access, or we may just sign agreements to host training exercises. The US army has left many barracks to the Germans. Some are sitting on valuable real estate or to the dismay of the local residents; refugees or guest workers could convert them for use. This should have not been news since the US army is consolidating around Grafenwoehr. (more here)

One part of the issue that has not been raised is permanent basing of troops of in Iraq. With Kuwait providing permission to establish permanent storage facilities the US Army will be rotating troops to Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Part of the game of what kasernes or barracks will be closes, is the joke of what facility is being improved or has construction work going on it. Uncle Sam in the past closed faculties with millions of dollars worth of improvements that were just finished.

There have studies on closing bases have been going for the past years, so this should not be a surprise to anybody. Even the Germans have been studying this for 10 years.

Read Robert’s writings on this subject, it is pretty good.

Here is a good look at the Islam and banking.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Do you want a bench shirt?

Maybe eliminating taxes for a day would be nice. The Commonwealth figured it out, what we knew in New Hampshire. I bet this would never happen in England.

I am flying to Frankfurt later this moring, see you later.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

So this is how school children of the world learn about the US.

Guess what Gene Simmons of Kiss put on his blog on August 6?

Yesterday had a day off and MSNBC'S SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY had me on the air to comment about the deluge of celebrities getting involved in politics. On the panel were RON REAGAN, PAT BUCHANAN and SCARBOROUGH.

My stance has always been the same. I am no one's mouthpiece and I have no political agenda. I was a big fan of Pres Clinton and I support Pres Bush's foreign policy. I may not agree with all of the stances our President takes (disagree on Stem Cell research, separation of Church and State, Environmental issues, and Abortion). However, this is a time of war. I can worry about the other issues next year.

Politics are very self serving. We all know the same thing....which is to say, a Terrorist doesn't really hate Democrats or Republicans. He hates AMERICANS. All this infighting within the political parties is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
We need to shut up and get rid of the worldwide menace.
Then we can turn on each other and fight all the petty, non-life threatening political battles.

And finally and for the record, if Mr. Kerry is elected President I will certainly support him. I also believe his foreign policy wouldn't be all that different from Mr. Bush's. The troops must finish the job. NOW. And, they will.

Now I know why I thought Kiss was such a cool band when I was in high school!

Want to know what the philosophy and teachings of Al-Qa'ida? Read this interview, from one of Osama’s former bodyguards.

Here is a good guide to new movies and DVDs.

Photos from Iraq that you never see in the media.

Wollaton Park is a fun [place, but the building is starting to fall a part, sadly. Notice the chain link fence around the building?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Here is a blog from soldier/artist who is in Baghdad. The artwork (photos and watercolors) are great.

The workers paradise: Cuba.The map with all the prisons, is horrible.

Some of Saddam’s gold is found in Iraq. I wonder if the troops will charge a finders fee.

Now I know that I am a square, I can’t stand Wilco.
I rather listen to the Deftones or some English folk music or tunes.

Friday, August 13, 2004

The Atlantic Magazine has a good article on the emails of al-Qaeda. It is interesting that it strips the a lot of the gleam off them, they look more human with their bickering and internal politics. I don't understand why so many people put faith in the UN to solve the problems of the world by mediation when al-Qaeda thinks that the UN is a false god:

… I pray to God—after having granted you success in destroying the dead, deaf, and mute false gods—that He will grant you success in destroying the living false gods, the ones that talk and listen. God knows that those [gods] pose more danger to Islam and monotheism than the dead false gods. Among the most important such false gods in our time is the United Nations, which has become a new religion that is worshipped to the exclusion of God. The prophets of this religion are present in the UN General Assembly
… The UN imposes all sorts of penalties on all those who contradict its religion. It issues documents and statements that openly contradict Islamic belief, such as the International Declaration for Human Rights, considering all religions are equal, and considering that the destruction of the statues constitutes a crime …
So much for the EU and all the lefties of world thinking that UN can broker peace through out the world.

With the disappearance of free pubs, most pubs are going to be owned by corporations. The local pub down the street from me is going to be torn down and houses will be built on it. It is a bit of a dive, the local taxi driver said that you would wipe your shoes off as you are leaving, but it is getting killed off when one of the big pub chains open up down the street with good food and children’s playground. It is a sad day in England when a neighborhood can not support its own pub, but with pints going for 2.50 to 3.25 pounds (4.57 to 5.95 USD) I can understand why at these prices free pubs are having a hard time staying open.

Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies, 1774–2004

Do you think this is a violation of the Geneva or Hague Conventions? If we did this America would be hung by the press.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

You got to love Rodney! Caddyshack is on my list of great movies.

Ralph Peters over at the NY Post does not sugar coat his words:
Among ourselves, we need to stop pretending that Iraq is a one-time deal. We'll be in the Middle East for decades to come, in unexpected locations. Our bitter enemies — provoked by their civilization's utter failure — will continue to present us with a straightforward choice: Either take the war to them or, per Sen. Kerry, wait until they bring the war to us.

We have to deal with the world in which we live, not the one we wish we inhabited. Our tradition of passivity fostered the rise of a class of terrorists and thugs who would be delighted to slaughter every man, woman and child in America.

We need to kill them first.

Time to move inland folks! Get off the East Coast!
This isthe graph that shows you the progression of the wave with time hacks. The official report. When I live in the states, I am about 30 to 40 miles inland, so I feel, some-what safe, but will I have beachfront property if this happens?

Robert at the Expat Yank has a great essay about the Vietnam generation. I have the same feeling as he does, I am "Vietnammed out” too. The world has changed and some have learned from history. The military has and even our enemies have read the history books, but some of the media and politicians have not and are stuck in a time warp. It is easy to spot them and come November, I will know what to do to help them join the 21st century.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A grunts view of the war in Iraq. It is more informative than the newspapers. Read his account of the engagement at Mosul, it is pretty riveting reading.
Update. Here is the Arab media's view with input from Rueters. A wee bit different.

Can someone explain this one: Arabs Caught Crossing Illegally over U.S.- Mexican Border?

I will be heading to Germany next week, so blogging may be light over the next few days.

One way to reduce car theft. I hope this starts in the US. Also England can use this, car theft is a major problem here.
Someone stole a car from a neighbor recently, by breaking in to the house, giving a snack to the dog to keep it quiet so the owners upstairs would not wake up, pushed the car down the street, and then started it up to joy ride around. A few days later the police called up and said they found it and would tow it later that day to the police station for forensic evidence collecting. The owners wanted to pull the two baby car seats and other items out and the police said no. Also the owners said could the police move the car sooner and they answered again no. Guess what happened again? The car was stolen again, waiting to be towed to the police, but this time the thieves torched the car to cover their tracks. Now the owners are waiting for their insurance company to issue a check to cover the cost of the car and that check will not amount to much since the car was old and the couple is just starting out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New spy birds in the sky.

Impromptu rocking.

Ozzy has some competition. I will be watching this one.

This a great essay on terrorism. It shows how countries have to uphold laws and treaties that terrorist have no intention to honor. The lessons are thought provoking and the ending is neither up beat or depressing:

In 1932, when Einstein attempted to induce Freud to support pacifism, Freud replied that there was no likelihood of suppressing humanity’s aggressive tendencies. If there was any reason for hope, it was that people would turn away on rational grounds — that war had become too destructive, that there was no scope anymore in war for acts of heroism according to the old ideals.

Freud was partly correct: War (at least between great powers) has become far less likely for rational reasons. But his argument does not apply to terrorism motivated mainly not by political or economic interests, based not just on aggression but also on fanaticism with an admixture of madness.

Terrorism, therefore, will continue — not perhaps with the same intensity at all times, and some parts of the globe may be spared altogether. But there can be no victory, only an uphill struggle, at times successful, at others not.

Monday, August 09, 2004

While living in England, people asks who do I think will win the election? I tell them to check out the odds put out by the bookies. They have no bias; they just want to make money on predicting the future. Then I ask them do they know how the US election is held? Most think it is a simple majority vote, but it is not. I ask them do they know how many presidents won without the winning the popular vote? Most shrug their shoulders. Then people will regurgitate what they just read in the tabloids or broadsheets. When I tell them that the “reporters” only report part of the truth or slant the evidence and tell them the other side, they get baffled or try to change the subject. I tell them to do some more research and study the process, they might find it interesting, but most of the time they want the two minute answer. This is the official government web site on the Electoral College system

Here is a good primer on the system.

Steven De Beste has two good essays (one and two) on the Electoral College voting system.

Are we going to overpopulate the planet?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I have been writing a novel over the past year, very slowly. One of the tools that I use is The Novel Writer's Toolkit from Bob Mayer. Also I use a memory stick to save all my documents and related items. It is nice since you never know when a thought or idea will pop into your head, and then you can hop on a computer, type out some ideas and store them on the memory stick. I also back up my writings on the hard drive of the home computer in case I lose the memory stick. It sucks to loose data, especially works in progress. Here is a character sketch to fill out, so your characters will be consistent throughout the novel.

Would the real Kerry please stand up?

Saturday, August 07, 2004

I was asked what is the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub was like. (The BBC page)I have been there three times taking friends or family who are visiting. It claims to be the oldest pub in England and it looks it since part of it is built in to a side of a hill and it is in a cave. Regulars put a coaster on top of their beer to keep the dust and dirt that fall off the ceiling out of their beer. It is managed buy H&H. There are a few parking spots for your car, but it is better to walk over. The prices for beer and food are consistent compared to other neighborhood pubs. It fills up quickly since it is next to a big tourist attraction. Overall it is an interesting pub to have a pint and some Kimberly pie.

The politics and economics of owning a private plane.

This book will be on my list to read.

Friday, August 06, 2004

I just returned from Chester and Wales. Chester is a interest city with great architecture and the Welch countryside is beautiful.

Do you to know how the cool or the”chav” of the new English ruling class live?
I love the terms mingers and slappers.

What do some Europeans think of Lance winning?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Here is the writings of a British Policeman. Check out his latest rants about being an “evidence gatherer” instead of a law enforcer. His dealings with heroin addicts are interesting and sadly a bit funny.

The group of the undecided voters are slowly disappearing in American politics and the election in November is all most decided.

Good news from Iraq? There is lots of it and read this to find out.
I will be heading to Wales for work later today, and blogging will be light for the next few days. Have fun enjoying the summer!

Monday, August 02, 2004

Sometimes I get emails from David of Politically Incorrect Observations on Reporting in the German Media By: David Kaspar and he has an interesting post that gives you insight on how the Germans see us Americans and it is not pretty:

According to (the German weekly) STERN, John Kerry may
yet fail in his quest for the presidency. Why? Because
he is too intelligent, complex and distant for an
America where “there are no gray zones.”
In an article entitled “Too Smart for
America?” STERN points out that Kerry is not the
type with whom most Americans would like to barbeque
and he isn’t fond of small talk.

The entire article implies that Kerry is too detached
and sophisticated (much like the Europeans themselves)
to be loved by simple-minded, small-talk spewing,
hot-dog eating, cola-guzzling Americans. By asking
“Is Kerry too smart for America?” and
making the points that it makes, the article is also
clearly inviting readers to ask: “Is America too
stupid for Kerry?”

And of course author Jan Christoph Wiechmann goes on
to point out that, according to Bill Clinton, 90
percent of Europeans are behind Kerry. But this
“has to remain a secret.” (...)

I have not seen a Citroen in ages in the states. They look like the French version of a Chevy. I think Citroen is owned by the French government and people tell me that the quality is average to below average. They have a some what distinctive look for some of their cars.

Justice Hall in the Lace District, Nottingham.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

A Balance of power in the Pacific or China and America on a collision course?

Is the web dangerous to Microsoft’s future?

MS IE market share slipping?

Are you happy?

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